Goose Hunting at Calamus Outfitters

A yellow lab checks out the goose decoys that are laid out on the Calamus River in NebraskaDuring migration times, it is not uncommon to literally see hundreds of thousands of geese flying in the Nebraska skies. These geese are following the main routes of the Central Flyway, and will settle in many of the lakes, rivers, sloughs and ponds that are found here.

When goose hunting in Nebraska at Calamus Outfitters, you will experience great shooting opportunities, scenery and lasting goose hunting memories. We support small goose hunting groups to large corporate goose hunting parties.

A flock of canadian geese seen flying against a beautiful sunset in NebraskaWhen hunting for geese in Nebraska, you will probably see many different species including white-fronted geese, Canada geese, snow geese, and Ross' geese.

Due to local, state-wide and region-wide over population issues, there are opportunities to harvest larger numbers of blue geese, snow geese and Canadian geese. We can advise you of the different seasons and rules, or you can visit the Nebraska Game & Parks website for more information.

Please contact us for custom goose hunting packages and pricing.