Welcome to Calamus Outfitters

Calamus Outfitters hunting lodgeCalamus Outfitters is a provider of great outdoor recreational activities including bird watching, Safari Jeep tours, and Calamus River adventures. Our ranch is known as the Switzer Ranch, and is located in the beautiful Calamus River basin of north central Nebraska.

We have two beautiful lodges and rustic cabins for your lodging needs, along with many other modern amenities to make your stay on our Nebraska ranch comfortable. Whether you are here to go enjoy bird watching, Safari Jeep tours or river adventures, you will leave with lasting memories!

We are proud to offer to you:

Nebraska River Adventures

River tanking is a great recreational activity to enjoy on the Calamus River in Nebraska Credit: Joel Sartore
Calamus Outfitters is located in the beautiful Calamus River basin in north central Nebraska. This winding river is a great way to cool down during the heat of a Nebraska summer.

Because the Calamus River runs through the Switzer ranch, we have access to provide for your total family enjoyment great river canoeing adventures, along with river tanking and river tubing.

Nebraska Bird Watching

Bird watchers at Calamus Outfitters Ranch observing many different species of birds Credit: Joel Sartore
Nebraska is home to a large and diverse population of wild birds. At Calamus Outfitters, the bird watching opportunities present the opportunity to see songbirds, upland game birds, waterfowl, and birds of prey.

Calamus Outfitters also offers sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chicken booming tours during the prairie chicken courting season. We will transport you to the prairie chicken leks and set you up for optimum viewing opportunities. If you have never seen this spectacular bird watching event, make an effort to do so. The dance of the prairie chicken is truly a one of a kind experience!

Sandhill Safari Jeep Tours

Calamus Outfitters offers one of a kind safari jeep tours of our ranch and native sanhillsCalamus Outfitters now offers guided Sandhill Safari Jeep Tours for a truly unique way to view the natural and ruggedly beautiful Nebraska landscape, with many different species of native Nebraska wildlife and wildflowers to see.

If you have the opportunity, do not pass up on a Jeep tour at Calamus Outfitters.

You will remember this Sandhills experience your entire life!