Jeep Tours at Calamus Outfitters

Riding in a Jeep while taking a Jeep tour through the Sandhills at Calamus Outfitters in Nebraska Credit: Alan J. Bartels
Calamus Outfitters is located in an area that is known as the Sandhills of Nebraska. Much like the deserts found in the SW of the US, you will find sand dunes, cactus, wildflowers and many different animals.

These natural sandhills are great habitat for taking a 4x4 Jeep tour of the Switzer Ranch. Learn firsthand why this impressive grassland is significant globally and cherished locally.

Folks on a jeep tour at Calamus Outfitters enjoying wine, appetizers and the beautliful landscape of the Sandhills of Nebraska Credit: Alan J. Bartels
Jeep trips are an exciting part of eco-tourism that are now an exciting option at Calamus Outfitters. Our experienced Jeep tour guide, Sarah Sortum, loves to share her knowledge of the history, culture and unique plants and animals found here.

Experience the Sandhills as Sarah did growing up here. You will be amazed by the raw beauty, and the settling peace it offers.

The vast open range and endless sky on the prairies of Nebraska in the Sandhills Credit: Alan J. Bartels
The Sandhills of Nebraska is remote, desolate, and expansive; in fact you could say it appears inhospitable. But, it offers breathtaking scenery, unforgettable sunsets, an abundance of flora and fauna, and miles of clean, pure prairie air that is sure to tickle your olfactory lobes.

If you have the opportunity, do not pass up on a Jeep tour at Calamus Outfitters. You will remember this Sandhills experience your entire life!

A stunning sunset backdrops a windmill found on the prairie in the Sandhill of Nebraska at Calamus Outfitters Credit: Alan J. Bartels
Pricing for Jeep tours is as follows:
  • Regular Tour. $25.00/person plus tax per hour.
  • Sundowner Tour
  • . $40.00/person + tax per hour. (appetizers, complimentary spirits and beverages in the Sandhills)
  • 1 hour to full day tours available.
  • 5 guests maximum per trip.
  • Safari seating in jeep. (No top, unobstructed view) Age restrictions: no car seats, no booster seats. All children must be big enough to be strapped in with a standard seat belt. No exceptions.

    Contact Calamus Outfitters today to inquire about your Sandhills Jeep tour opportunity.