Mule Deer Hunting at Calamus Outfitters

A mule deer buck standing on the prairie in Nebraska at Calamus OutfittersCalamus Outfitters is located in central Nebraska in the Sandhills area. Our ranch has both woods and open prairie, which makes for great habitat for supporting mule deer herds. Mule deer favor roaming on the open plains, relying on rough terrain to provide cover.

When mule deer hunting in Nebraska at Calamus Outfitters, you will experience great shooting opportunities, scenery and lasting deer hunting memories. There are specific seasons, so contact us for additional information.

A pair of mule deer roaming in Nebraska on the Switzer Ranch at Calalmus OutfittersHunting mule deer in Nebraska can be done either via rifle or bowhunting. There are different licenses and seasons for hunting deer with a rifle or a bow, and additional information can be found at the Nebraska Game & Parks website.

When mule deer are alarmed, they bolt with a stiff-legged, bouncing gait. After a few hundred yards, mule deer feel secure enough to stop and look back. This behavior has become a decided disadvantage for mule deer in the age of high-powered rifles. Our mule deer hunting guides will help you during your hunt.

Please contact us for custom mule deer hunting packages and pricing.