River Tubing at Calamus Outfitters

River tubing in Nebraska is a fun recreational event experienced by these tubers at Calamus OutfittersRiver tubing in Nebraska is a great way to kick back and pass a hot summer day on the Calamus River. Kids and adults alike enjoy riding an innertube on a cool river, while basking in the hot sun.

Plan a river tubing trip with us today and create new memories. Enjoy a lazy summer days hot sun, toes dangling in the water, puffy white clouds passing by and not a care in the world!

A group of river tubers get ready to party on the Calamus RiverWhen you plan a river tubing trip with Calamus Outfitters, you will enjoy a great day of quality river tubing in a place once traveled by pioneers and Native Americans.

The raw beauty of the Nebraska prairie will leave you breathless, as you can envision the herds of buffalo, covered wagons and indigenous peoples that were inhabitants here hundreds of years ago.

A woman enjoys her river tubing trip on the Calamus RiverWhen river tubing in Nebraska at Calamus Outfitters, you will have the opportunity to either enjoy a two-hour trip or opt for the five-hour trip. You can arrange to stay with us if needed overnight or simply come out and enjoy a day tanking on the river.

A one-day river tube rental is $20.00 including tax, with cooler tubes available for $10.00. You can bring your own personal tube for $20.00. Your river tubing trip at Calamus Outfitters includes life jackets, and drop-off and pick-up transportation for personal tubes is available. Some restrictions on personal tubes may apply.

We ask that all abide by the following simple rules:

  • No littering.
  • No radios or boom boxes on the river.
  • No profanity please. We are a family friendly river. Please respect other groups on the river.