Whitetail Deer Hunting at Calamus Outfitters

A whitetail buck taken while deer hunting in Nebraska at Calamus OutfittersAround 1900, there were only about 50 deer in Nebraska. Today, the Nebraska deer herd stands at over 300,000. Over the past 10 years the deer season has been open for an average of 117 days every fall and winter, providing close to six months of whitetail deer hunting opportunities.

When whitetail deer hunting in Nebraska at Calamus Outfitters, you will experience great shooting opportunities, scenery and lasting deer hunting memories. There are specific seasons, so contact us for additional information.

Another nice whitetail buck taken while hunting whitetail deer in Nebraska on the Switzer Ranch at Calalmus OutfittersHunting whitetail deer in Nebraska can be done either via rifle or bowhunting. There are different licenses and seasons for hunting deer with a rifle or a bow, and additional information can be found at the Nebraska Game & Parks website.

Knowledge of the movement patterns of whitetail deer is important when hunting whitetail deer in Nebraska with Calamus Outfitters. Whitetail deer are very secretive, traveling and feeding primarily at sundown, and again in the hours before dawn. They usually stay in or close to timber, creeks and shelterbelts, and they bolt for cover at any hint of danger. Our whitetail deer hunting guides will help you prepare for your hunt.

Please contact us for custom whitetail deer hunting packages and pricing.